Monday, June 19, 2006 6:22 PM  

Windows Washing Machine

So next opening is the 23rd and I will show my Windows Washing Machine. (among other works by other people, I am very curious)

(actually this image is an old version, it looks less messy now and it works more stable)

It's a sculpture made out of a 'normal' personal computer, an electrical tincan-opener, an alu-frame and two roadbricks.
The computer rotates 360 degrees around its axis. All desktop elements such as windows, buttons and scrollbars respond to the constantly changing direction of gravity: they fall to the bottom of the screen all the time. A little stone is attached to the mouse which is also connected to the computer and functions as a balancing receptor. When the computer rotates, the mouse clicks and releases by the changes in gravity.

I am always afraid of moving away and leaving it on because I feel it might destroy itself. Anyhow, I see a link with the work of Robert Jan Leegte.
His work is often about the sculptural qualities of user interfaces, particularly that of Microsoft Windows.


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